CNN’s “High Profits” show about selling weed?


Yes people, you have read correctly. No typos, CNN is airing a show about selling weed! The show is called “High Profits” and will be following two entrepreneurs who are looking to expand their multi-million dollar marijuana business in Colorado (The new Amsterdam of America) and making it into a franchise. The Hollywood Reporter reports:

“Each one-hour episode will delve into the industry and follow the pair as they manage a lucrative chain of retail marijuana stores with an eye for expansion outside of the Colorado market. Following Colorado’s legalization of the use and sale of recreational marijuana — the first to do so in the world —  sales at the Breckenridge Cannabis Club have grown from a $515,000 business a year business to a $5 million a year operation with 30 employees.”

“High Profits” is set to air in 2015. Check out the trailer below and tell us what you guys think.

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