Coconut Based Kopari Beauty Products Works to Keep Skin Moisturized


Within the last few years, coconut oil-based products have risen in popularity. Especially its ability to moisturize the skin, repair chapped lips, and kill bacteria. This is why Kopari Beauty has created a great line of products made with 100% organic coconut oil.

Besides being made with organic coconut oil from the Philippines, Kopari Beauty products are made without sulfates, silicones, parabens, GMOs, or toxins. They provide a completely natural product line, which is also spa-worthy.

Coconut Lip Love .03 oz, $12

Lip Love

Perfect for moisturizing lips and prevent chapping, Lip Love leaves lips feeling very smooth. Even better, the hydration lasts for a long time. That’s because Lip Love succeeds in locking in

Besides consisting of coconut oil, this product also holds shea butter, tocopherol (soybean or corn oil), and triterpenes (gum plants).

Kontrol staffers tested this product and found that the results gained by using Lip Love were very addicting. So much so, that they found themselves using it daily before heading out.

Coconut Body Oil

Coconut Body Oil 3.4 oz, $34

Another coconut oil-based product, the Coconut Body Oil is a quick dry solution for moisturizing. That’s the beauty of coconut oil, it’s very moisturizing but when applied it dries very quickly; unlike a lot of other oils. This product can be used all over the body, especially on the areas where dryness occurs most often.

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