Coconut, Curls, and Conditioner OH MY! (An OGX Hair Product Review)

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Who doesn’t love a good au natural product these days? They smell like Heaven, and are extremely healthy for you hair due to their pure quality. Am I right?

OGX Hair Products are the embodiment of the above statement. OGX products are known for their both their pure and simplistic ingredients that are garnered from all over God’s green earth; for example coconut from the Philippines or argan oil from Morocco. OGX isn’t about manipulating or changing anything about you, but more so enhancing the natural beauty that is already there. OGX products take what you like about yourself and make you love it even more.

OGX unveiled several new collections at the beginning of this year. Among the new collections was the Quenching Coconut Curls Collection. The collection is made up of a shampoo, a conditioner, and  a leave in and/or rinse out curling hair butter. As a natural I am always on the look out for new products to try. I was on the OGX website ( when I happened to stumble across the new collection. OGX had this to say of their product description on the site, “NEW for 2015! An island-inspired blend of coconut oil, sweet honey, and citrus oil creates a sweet escape for lackluster curls that want to bounce and shine like the sea. This formula blend helps to nourish strands, boost spirals, and reduce flyaways for perfect frizz-free curls that smell as great as they look.” I personally am natural with mixed textures ranging from 3a-4b. I’m not too much of a hair typing natural. I mainly just pay attention to the fact that I have thick, coarse, coily/curly hair. It had been so hard to find a set of products that both I and my picky hair really loved until the OGX Quenching Coconut Curls Collection came into my life.

Due to it’s fairly newness unlike most OGX products that are available at Wal-Mart, CVS, Target, Walgreens, etc., The Quenching Coconut Curls Collection is only currently available at ULTA. The price ($7.99 each) isn’t half bad and most certainly well worth it.

The packaging for both the shampoo and conditioner is an organic shaped, white bottle with a bronze top, and the hair butter is in a small, round, white container with a bronze top as well. The lettering on the containers are a dark teal and orange which is a great play on complementary colors on a neutral background from an artist stand point. The words on the containers say, “Drench your curls with this rich blend of nourishing coconut oil to enhance natural softness, while sweet honey boosts decadent spirals and a twist of citrus oils to tame frizz for beautiful tumbling waves with bounce and shine.” If that doesn’t make you want to try the product alone I’m not quite sure what will.

When you open the containers you are immediately taken to a tropical island overflowing with coconut milk and honey. The consistency of the products is a white cream like substance that is very light both in the hands and remains light once evenly distributed through the hair. Your scalp feels opened and refreshed, hair is immediately softened and silky, shrinkage is cut from like 75% to about 45% of actual length. However hair still remains light enough to flip and toss like you want. After hair is both shampooed and conditioned curls are perfectly defined and bouncy. The application of the hair butter keeps hair light, but does take some of the definition away and creates more of a fluffy fro if left in, but it can also be rinsed out. The definition is more prominent if this is done in my opinion. My personal preference is to rinse the hair butter out, but everyone’s hair is going to enjoy this luxurious product in its own way.

The OGX Quenching Coconut Curls Collection deserves all five stars in my book. It leaves hair with defined, bouncy, moisturized, and shiny curls that makes hair more manageable and doable. I recommend this to all my curly sisters and brothers. Embrace your natural coils and curls, and allow these products to help you do so.

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