Cole World warming Up A Special Fan!

Can you imagine having your favorite artist come to your crib and just kick it with you?? I can bet Dallas-native Dalia didn’t.

Rapper J. Cole, who just announced he is dropping his upcoming album, 2014 Forest Hill Drive December 9th, tweeted he was in Dallas. Dalia, just like millions of other fans, tweeted Cole telling him she wanted to see him. An innocent tweet became a reality when the Roc Nation artist asked Dalia to DM him her address. Not too long after, J. Cole was at her doorstep not only to shake hands with his biggest fan, but to kick it on her couch AND play her his new album before it hits the racks!!

An amazing story and generous gesture from Mr. Cole World. Check out the pictures from the visit.

j-cole-surprises-fan j-cole-surprises-fan-1-600x800 j-cole-surprises-fan-2 j-cole-surprises-fan-3


Brandon Jordan

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