Colin Kaepernick Sorry for Instagram Post

Colin Kaepernick’s catchphrase has caught up with him. Kaepernick has almost 1.3 million followers and about 760,000 twitter followers.

The San Francisco 49ers quarterback posted an image of the devastation from the floods in Houston, TX.i

The photo was captioned: “I warned you the 7tormsComing !!! #Houston”

For months Kaepernick has been tacking his hash tags with the number “7” and a word that begins with “S.”

Colin Kaepernick has gotten a lot of slack because of his insensitive post. There hasn’t been any action placed against Kaepernick for his reckless posting but he’s enough from his followers and any who was within two feet of a smart phone.

Reportedly about 13 people have died in the terrible floods.

This time he might want to post #7sorry.

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 3.50.26 AMFollowing the IG post he tweeted “No disrespect intended! Prayers up!”


The damage was already done, he tweeted a more elaborate apology: “I’m sorry about the insensitive post earlier today. I didn’t fully understand how many people are struggling in Houston right now I feel horrible. My prayers are with everyone there.”

Kaepernick dropped the ball on this one. With hope this will be a reminder to athletes to think before reckless posting.

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