College Freshman Guide

College Freshman Guide To The Items You Need that No One Tells You!

First and foremost congratulations on your first college year. There are tons of college freshman guides out there. Listing a million and one things of what you need for your first year in college. This College Freshman Guide has been compiled by your fellow graduates. A list of important items we wish someone told us during our college freshman year.

Moving out and starting a new chapter of your life, is one of the things you look forward to as new college graduate. Yet, there is the tedious packing that comes with it. Especially when downsizing into a small tiny dorm room or apartment with other colleagues. So, the list begins at “What to pack?” The dorm decor Pinterest board will only take you so far.

Here is your College Freshman Guide. To every can’t-live without item you will need to start your Freshman year off right.


Tennis Shoes

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For those moments you’re late to class.



Mini Fridge

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If you dorm will allow it, GET IT! There’s nothing like sharing a community kitchen for someone else to eat or throw out your food. Annoying right? Your mini fridge will definitely come in handy for any late night studying.




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As much as we would like to think “It won’t happen to me”. Be safe instead of sorry.


Meal Plan

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Do not listen to anyone that says you don’t need a meal plan. It will come in handy that one day when your in-between classes and your stomach is growling.



Pepper Spray

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Protect yourself.



Rain Boots & Umbrella

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You will overlook this item, completely forgetting its necessity. Until that one day, you have to walk in the rain.




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Unless you have a friend with an apartment or plan to live off campus, you will more than likely do laundry on campus. So, save your coins because they don’t take Visa.


Laptop Lock

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As much as we would like to think “It won’t happen to me”. Be safe instead of sorry.




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Please, please, please hear me out when I say don’t wait to the last minute to get your textbooks. We all did it, waiting it out because 9/10 you will not use the books assigned for class. Or, we try to find it for cheaper through Amazon or Chegg. However, the last thing you want is to wait three weeks for a book to arrive. Meaning you falling behind in class work. Just buy your textbooks on time, and push comes to shove just resell it.



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Don’t try and be cute, thinking you can just carry your books or put them in your purse. Depending on your schedule you might go straight from one class to another. All your supplies will start to add up: books, notebooks, planners, stationary and/or binders. It’s a lot to carry.


USB & External Drive

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You never know when your computer will crash on you. SAVE EVERYTHING!




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You will think “Oh, I’ll just print at the library” or whatever. Been there, done that #epicfail. Procrastination will get the best of you. With all the back and forth and how much the library charges for ink and paper. Trust me, invest in a printer. Save you time and money.


AAA Card

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For all my driving freshman, this will be the year you learn how to take care of your car on your own. Whether you run out of gas or break down for any reason.



Alarm Clock

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Trust me when I say you don’t want to oversleep for a morning class. Miss three classes and you might be in trouble.


Fan & Space Heater

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There is no thermostat or fan in dorm rooms. Bummer right?!



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Teachers will give you a syllabus during your first class however, you will not look at that again afterward. Therefore, stay organized get a planner or organizer. Assignments and tests will pop up out of nowhere.

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