Color Crash Course: What’s Makes You Hot?

Class is in session ladies and colors are the main topic, and after this course you will be the color block queen.

Color Wheel

As spring comes to a quick end and summer begins to heat up, it’s time to play with colors. Now don’t get me wrong colors are very much needed in the spring, but summer is that time where you can truly mix and match with various colors. Kontrol has our readers covered on how to keep them in Kontrol with the top colors: mint, radiant orchid, and pink.


(1st Period) Mint:


When you think of mint the first words that may come to your mind is cool and refreshing. Mint is a cool, relax, and easy color to wear and pair with. The easiest way to pair mint is with other pastel colors, pinks, purples, baby blues, and other cooler colors.



 Mint Outfit 2

Pair a mint sweetheart neckline cocktail dress with a soft pink clutch for a day of relaxation. Add your favorite statement necklace and other accessories and you are good to go. Perfect for a day at the beach when you grab your favorite sun hat.



MInt Outfit 1

Floral pants are a fashion must have in your closet especially for the summer. Grab a pair of mint floral pants, a white crop tank, and chunky sandals for a day with the girls. Oh, and don’t forget to grab a soft blue cardigan. It will look absolutely fabulous with the pants. 

Ty Coleman

Ty Coleman is the Jr Fashion Editor for Kontrol Magazine. She is a senior attending Clark Atlanta University In Atlanta, Georgia where she is studying to obtain her Bachelor Arts degree in Public Relations Management. Ty plans to be in the fashion industry as a Public Relations Specialist,Writer, and Stylist. Miss Coleman is originally from Los Angeles, California where she claims she received her source of inspiration to be in the fashion industry. Ty's love, passion, and desire to be a successful woman in the fashion industry only makes her journey even more exciting. " I accept the mistakes I both will and have encountered, because it has proved I have the ambition to grow and excel. and have absolutely no desire to fail." - Ty Coleman