Coloured Raine: The Latest Lippie Obsession

cappuccino, coloured raine, lippies

Over the past weekend I had the pleasure of taking some of Coloured Raine’s ‘Uncensored Lipstick’ for a test drive, and it was probably the best thing I’ve done all month. To open my spicy lip show, I started with Coloured Raine’s ‘Cappuccino’ lipstick. Kin to the nude family, the deep yet subtle caffeinated colour provides a pigmented look without the drama of a pale lip. This colour is perfect for a day of errands or Sunday brunch with the ladies. It reads bold, and understated all at once.

cappuccinoraunchy, coloured raine, lippies

Following ‘Cappuccino’ I found myself to be in a real King Bey ‘Flawless’ mindset, which subsequently lead to me running the world in ‘Raunchy’. An understated green hue, that provides the perfect amount of color and spice without being harsh on the eyes. I was completely obsessed with this lip, and how well it complimented my peach Shoedazzle wedges. You’ll never go wrong in a wedge, cut offs and a bold lip!

raunchy, coloured raine, lippie

matte lip paint, vanity, coloured raine

Sunday I kept things real cute in Coloured Raine’s Matte Lip Paint, ‘Vanity’. OB-SESSED! Not only is this the perfect shade of red every woman needs, but its formulation makes application a synch! This Matte Lip Paint goes on as a liquid and instantly dries into the perfect matte lip. No smudging, running, or re-applying. That’s right! Look no further ladies; I’ve found your go-to Red Lip.



elite rebel, coloured raine, lippies

Finally, the showstopper ‘Elite Rebel’, can I say obsessed again? I’m in love! The highly pigmented blue was electrifying Monday night at Revolt TV’s ‘HELLO Harlem’ charity event. Paired with my Lime green Shoedazzle peep toe heels, I definitely stood out. Under each lip I wore my Elf Lip Lock Pencil to prevent any wear or feathering, and it totally came through!

lippies,elite rebel, coloured raine

What is also great about this cosmetic line is that it is vegan! The 100% cruelty free cosmetic line, not only offers lipstick, eye shadow and nail polish that look amazing, but it is environmentally friendly as well. No matter how large your lipstick arsenal gets, with their uniquely peculiar shape packaging you’ll never lose sight of your Coloured Raine lippie. Check out how I styled my lips this past weekend on Instagram, @Danielle_Elaine, and be sure to head to to grab some of their products!

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