Columbus Short Allegedly Threatened to Kill Jamie Foxx, According to His Ex-Girlfriend

Lord have mercy.

After sabotaging his supporting role as Harrison on the hit show Scandal, Columbus Short is allegedly back  to the same destructive antics.

Instead of his estranged wife tossing out allegations, this time the star’s ex-girlfriend Agostina Laneri has come forward with her own disturbing accusations.


According to Agostina, who took out a restraining order against Columbus last week, Columbus threatened to kill actor Jamie Foxx.

Jamie Foxx

If I choose to kill one of these n****s … I will do that. I’m that crazy n**** that will be on the news as the n**** that murked Jamie Foxx.”

Agostina also claims that Columbus was physically abusive towards her son, adding that he once told her “Don’t forget who I am. I have a knife.”

Okay, Columbus.

As you know, Columbus has been upfront about his drug and alcohol abuse.

We’re hoping he gets it together, because this is ridiculous.

[via Daily Mail]