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Common Methods People Use to Destress

Common Methods People Use to Destress

Everyday life can be incredibly stressful, and a large quantity of Americans are affected by stress-related symptoms, such as anxiety and recurring fatigue. Stressors can come in many forms: from daily hassles at work, home or in relationships, to experiencing traumas and difficult life events, such as bereavement or being forced to move home. While sometimes stress cannot be avoided in these situations, there are different stress-relieving techniques available which you could utilize. If you are interested in finding something which might work for you, here are some of the most common methods and activities used by people to de-stress.  


Exercise is a great way to clear your head and improve your mood. Getting up early for 20 minutes of exercise can kick-start your metabolism and help you to be better prepared for a long hard day at work. Exercising a few hours before you go to bed may help you feel tired and promote a better night’s sleep, which is useful if your stress is causing problems with insomnia. Exercising is also known to trigger the release of endorphins; a feel-good chemical in the brain which improves mood and relaxes the body. If you can, try and exercise outside, especially if the weather is good: being in the sun gives you vital vitamins needed for your body to function better, such as vitamin D and vitamin B12. Fresh air can also help with low mood.


Socializing is important as it gives you a chance to actively engage with other people outside of a work setting. Interacting with other people is therapeutic, and will also give you a chance to offload your worries or concerns onto others who are able to support you. Be mindful of spending a lot of time with people in social settings which frequently include recreational drug use, such as drinking or smoking, as these may become habits which you pick up; after all, a lot of people use smoking and drinking as a method of relaxation and to reduce stress. If you do feel tempted to start smoking due to the influence of others, then consider vaping as an alternative. Mt Baker Vape provides a lot of information about vaping and purchasing vape equipment if this something you are interested in.


It is important to make time for yourself and the things that you enjoy. Taking up a hobby is a great way to bring spend your free time, as you will be occupying your mind with a fun stimulus that you have an interest in. If you are looking for ways to clear your mind of all your stresses and worries, meditation can be an effective way of turning your attention inwards and relaxing the mind and body. Even simple activities such as soaking in a warm bath could reduce your stress levels.

No matter how busy your schedule may be, it is important to find ways to reduce your stress levels in order to promote lower stress levels and reduce the chances of developing further medical issues as a result of stress.


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