Conference Show Downs; Look Ahead To Super Bowl!


Yesterday’s AFC and NFC championship games were the complete opposites of each other. We went from a action-packed overtime thriller to a….well…old-fashion, backyard, country butt whooping. But all in all, the Super Bowl 49 match-up is set!

The first game of the afternoon was the highly anticipated Green Bay Packers against the Seattle Seahawks and they did not disappoint. In the beginning of the game, it looked like it would be a blowout as the defense of the Packers cut Seattle’s Quarterback Russell Wilson and the Seahawks offense any kind of slack in the first half. The Packers defense, led by all star Linebacker Clay Matthews, forced Russell Wilson to 3 interception (two to HaHa Clinton-Dix and another to Sam Shields) adding to the Seahawks team’s total of four turnovers in the first half alone! The Seahawks went into halftime scoreless 16-0.

The second half was a completely different story as the Seahawks came back into their character by shutting Packers QB Aaron Rodgers out in the 3rd quarter and the special team scoring on a fake field goal pass from punter Jon Ryan to offensive tackle Gary Gilliam to put their first score on the board. Then, came the 4th quarter drives of the game led by Russell Wilson and “Beast Mode” Marshawn Lynch. Late in the first quarter, Russell Wilson throws another interception adding 4 to his total and was thought to be the end of hope as fans began to start walking out of the stadium. But the Seahawks defense held strong forcing the Packers offense to a three and out that would led to a drive built on the legs of Marshawn Lynch who caught a 35 yard bomb down the sideline and a goal line touchdown ran in by Russell Wilson putting them back within reach, 19-14. With two minutes and 9 seconds left on the clock, the Seahawks go for an onside kick and get the recovery which would led to another touchdown on the shoulder of Marshawn Lynch and a two-point conversion pass from Wilson to tight end Luke Wilson to put the Seahawks ahead by 3 (22-19).


But Aaron Rodgers wasn’t done yet as he drove the team down the field 48 yards with 1:25 left on the clock to set up a Mason Crosby field goal to send the game into overtime. It just seemed like lady luck fell on the Seahawks shoulders especially Russell Wilson being that he struggled most of the game. The Seahawks win the coin toss. Russell, again, drives his team down the field hitting Doug Baldwin deep right on 3rd down for 35 yards and then throwing a perfect rainbow pass to Jermaine Kearse for a beautiful touchdown catch to end the Packers season and send them to the Super Bowl with a 28-22 hard fought win.


As for the AFC championship game between the New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts, well…there wasn’t much happening except Tom Brady being Tom Brady and Andrew Luck being unlucky as the Patriots stem-roll over the Colts 45-7. Lagarrette Blount, running back for the Pats, was the star of the game as he had a big day running all over the Colts rushing for 148 yards on 30 attempts for a jaw dropping 3 touchdowns. Tom Brady threw for a measly 226 yards and 3 touchdowns, one of them being to Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski. As for Luck: 126 yards passing, 2 interceptions and no touchdowns. Colts receivers didn’t make it easy for their young QB as plenty of balls were dropped and the Colts defense could not handle the ground attack of the Patriots.


Now we look forward to a future Hall Of Fame quarterback takes on arguably one of the most dangerous defense in the league. We all remember what they did to the last future Hall of Fame quarterback last year in the Super Bowl; will we see a repeat?? The last time these two faced off was in 2012. Russell Wilson had one of the biggest games of his rookie reason throwing for almost 300 yards 3 touchdowns, while Brady struggled a bit throwing two touchdowns along with two interception; one to Richard Sherman and another to Earl Thomas. Patriots fell to the Seahawks 24-23.


Be on the lookout for big match-ups and rivalries in this one: two Big 10 college, late drafted quarterbacks go head-to-head, two of the best cornerbacks in the league face off: Sherman and Revis, the match-up between Gronk and Kam Chancellor, your tostitos chips against your best friend’s amazing guacamole dip. This should be an interesting Super Bowl!

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