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WANTED: Innovative Voices to be a KONTROL Contributor

Be a KONTROL Contributor

Are you a fan of all things Kontrol?

Do you like blogging about DIY projects, travel, fitness, health & wellness, entertainment, music, food, relationships, fashion, beauty, and books?

Are you interested in joining the KONTROL Contributor family?

I’m Julian Rashard Lark, the publisher and creator of Kontrol Magazine®. My goal was to inspire and provide untapped talent a stage to shine and to display their abilities and talents when I founded this magazine in 2009. My goal and readership increased in diversity as my platform did.

Being able to provide content authors with a platform on Kontrolmag.com excites me. Are you curious about the catch? Actually, there isn’t a catch. I’m eager to hear what my readers have to say since I lead an empowered life.

Julian-Rashard-Lark Contributor

Here are a few housekeeping rules to consider before you apply:

KM8 - Brandy Covers Kontrol Magazines Winter Style Issue

Must be a subscriber of our site and be connected to KontrolMag® & Kontrol Brides® on social media.

You should be prepared to submit a minimum of three posts per month. (You will receive an email reminder when posts are due.)

Your posts will be subject to grammatical correction and SEO friendly edits. (We will never change the value of your content. All corrections are to ensure your posts are in harmony with the essence of Kontrol Magazine® and its readers.)

Realize that once articles are placed on Kontrolmag.com, they will belong to Kontrol Magazine

Be prepared to have your writing shared and syndicated on Kontrol Magazines® network. (This includes Facebook pages and groups, Google +, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and so much more.)

You should be willing to write about any of the topics below, however we are always open to topic suggestions.

KM Nick Cannon Covers Kontrol Magazine The Make It Better Issue

Product Reviews

Celebrity News

Movie and TV Reviews

Food & Drink Reviews

Shopping + Personal Style Tips

Fashion Tips and/or Tricks

Beauty + Makeup

Fashion Shows

Mental Health

Sex & Culture

Health & Fitness

Relationship Tips

And More

Interest in joining us? Let's talk about your opportunity.

Email us! Be sure to use “Kontrol Contributor” as your subject line and include your proposal in the summary section with resource links and photo credits, if applicable.

Follow all of the above listed instructions, failure to do will result in a non reply.

Remember to include a link to your blog/website along with any social media platforms that you will like shared with your contribution.

Once approved, you will receive a welcome email with all details from our Deputy Editor.  Your welcome email will be your guide to being an approved member of Kontrol Magazine® Contributor Family.  Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to approve all requests for contributors.

Please note: We have the right to add and remove links at anytime. We follow FTC guidelines and will make appropriate links nofollow.

Please shoot us an email to be considered! We look forward to hearing from you!

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