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Cool, Classy, & Amazing! You’re Gonna Love Coline Creuzot!

Cool, Classy, & Amazing! You’re Gonna Love Coline Creuzot!

It is not everyday we get to meet a fresh and amazing artist like Coline Creuzot. Which is why when it came time for us to grab our share of this lovely lady’s time we just could not wait to introduce her to you, our loyal Kontrol family and readers. Check out our amazing interview with her below!

1.What has been your most memorable moment on stage thus far?

One of my most memorable moments on stage thus far has to be when I Performed at the Car show in Houston Tx in 2007! I opened for T.I. and my single “Give and Take” had been #1 on the radio for a few weeks! I remember the track dropping and I started singing and everyone knew the words…I could see people singing along with their eyes closed…that was a great moment for me.

2.With your husband playing for the Cincinnati Reds,how does it now feel for the spotlight to be on you?

It honestly doesn’t feel like anything has changed. We support each other 100%.

3.How do you Kontrol your style of music?

I try NOT to Kontrol it…I let the music move me. I don’t box myself in. I sing and write whatever I’m feeling. Whatever doesn’t work for me as an artist I put aside to pitch for other artists.

4.Who was your childhood idol?

My Childhood Idol…I loved Michael and Janet Jackson! I can remember standing in front of the TV trying to do all of the moves from their videos…oh and the earring with the keys on them Janet wore…I begged my mom to buy me some…I don’t know where she found them but you couldn’t tell me nothing! Lol

5.At what point in life did you know you wanted to be a singer?

I fell in love with the arts at a young age, I was dancing at the age of 3 and found my voice somewhere around 8 or 9…I also started writing songs around that age (they probably weren’t that good lol) but I knew I wanted to be a singer about that age…9 years old.

Coline Creuzot kontrol magazine

6.What’s the message you want people to get from your music?

I just want people to feel something…I want them to find their truth when they listen to my music. Music is like art,,, it makes everyone feel something different. If I can help one person get through a broken heart, or help one person find the courage to walk away from something that no longer serves them…then I feel like I’ve done my job. I try to be as transparent as possible in my music because we all go through things. I think music is a universal language!

7.What’s your dream collaboration?

My dream collaboration…that’s a tough one…a few people I would love to collaborate with : Lauryn Hill, Andre 3000, The Dream, Timbaland and Neyo,

8. What are other endeavors you have or going for?

Right now my focus is 100% on music…singing and songwriting. I would definitely like to expand into other business ventures later on, but one thing at a time for me.

Coline Creuzot kontrol magazine

9.) Are you ever compared to any other artist?
I have been compared to many other artists, whether someone feels a particular song is reminiscent of another artist or my sound or my look. I take it all as compliments 🙂

10) How do you Kontrol Your Sexy?

I can be a bit of a tomboy sometimes…I have my moments. Some days I’m baggy sweats and a tank and other days I want to be super sexy sometimes my husband and brothers are like…Coline! Are you really gonna wear that!? I try to Kontrol my sexy by keeping it classy! If I have lots of leg or super short shorts on, I cover up on top…if I’m showing a lot of cleavage, I’ll cover up on the bottom (pants or something like that) I always ask myself…would my mama approve!? Lol (my mom is very stylish by the way)

11.) Whats the perfect date night?

Perfect date night for me is a great dinner at a nice restaurant…I like good food and good convo with good people…im not too hard to please

12.) How should a man approach a female if he is intrigued by her?

I think a man should approach a woman with confidence and respect

13.) Boy shorts or thongs?


Coline Creuzot hey mikey atl

14.) dominant or submissive

Depends on the situation…lol…but if I have to choose one…Dominant…I like to be in control

15.) Whats a beauty secret of yours

A beauty secret of mine is REST and water!

16.) One thing the world doesn’t know about you that you want to share.

I love country music! Texas girl at heart!

17.) Whats a hidden talent of yours?

A hidden talent of mine is that I Paint…I do abstract art.


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