COS: Minimalist Dressing on a Budget

In a perfect world I would step out everyday in a pristine Celine or Jil Sander ensemble. However, the universe has not quite aligned my financial stars in order for me to be able to afford such a wardrobe. Thus I have been happily forced to use my creativity to create the minimalist outfits of my dreams.


Luckily though, H&M has begun to expand their relatively new minimalist brand COS (Collective of Style) out of Europe and to the United States. Currently they have stores in Los Angeles and NYC with plans to open one more store in each of those markets. It is still to be determined where they will open a storefront next in the US.

COS has been dubbed the “high-street Celine” and it has rightfully earned that title as the store is full of wonderfully constructed men’s and women’s wear. COS is not like it’s fast-fashion friend H&M. Expect to pay a little bit more in exchange for a better quality product; most products range in price from $59 for a top to $99 for a dress.


While most of their clothing is void of much pattern or print you will enjoy luxurious fabrics like silk, linen and cashmere. I am a sucker for great architectural design within a garment and COS does not disappoint. Expect to find perfectly pleated skirts, asymmetrical tops and laser-sharp culottes.

Michelle Gill

Fashion & Beauty Writer

Admirer of beauty, collector of knowledge, sometimes food snob and fashion zealot.

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