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Cosmetic Trends You Can’t Ignore

Cosmetic Trends You Can’t Ignore

If you look back at the past cosmetic trends you’ve been through, you’d find a wide variety of different styles. Thin brows, brown lipsticks, and frosty eyeshadows have all had their place in the beauty world. Following along with the latest trends can involve some risk, and you might end up looking back at regretting your choices. Other times, you wish that your favorite cosmetic trends would make a return. You might even find some of your staple products along the way. Some trends are easy to do on your own, while others, like double eyelid surgery, will require a medical professional.


Don’t fall behind and miss out on some great looks, follow these popular cosmetic trends.

Playful colors

For a while now it seems like all anyone has wanted to buy was makeup in different nude shades. Palettes with browns, coppers, and tans have been everywhere. Now, the exact opposite is beginning to happen. People are starting to welcome a variety of colors back into their makeup routines. This gives more opportunity to play around and create unique looks. You can try this out with blushes, eyeshadows, and lipsticks. One colorful element added to otherwise basic makeup can be a powerful statement.

Glowing skin

Skin needs to be great to be a good base for your makeup. Rather than completely covering up your skin, make it stand out. Perfect skin is more important than having perfect makeup. Many might find that it’s more work than getting their makeup just right. In addition to skincare, find makeup that can help complement your skin. Instead of layers of foundation, try a light cream that can help your skin show through and breathe. You can also use highlighters and bronzers to achieve glowing skin quickly.

Glossy makeup

Like most people, you probably have mostly cosmetic products meant to make your skin appear more matte. Foundations, lipsticks, and eyeshadows have all been matte for a while now. Most people also know how drying matte products can be. It’s time to switch that out for products that are more glossy and dewey. It might be a while since anyone has ever considered buying lip gloss, but now is the time to get into it. Lip gloss can even be applied on the eyelids over or in place of eyeshadow.

New nail trends

After you spend the money to get a manicure, the worst thing that can happen is it starting to chip early on. This is especially annoying when it’s something you expect to last longer, like a gel nail. One of the biggest new nail trends could keep this from happening. Dip powder nails involved a nail technician dipping your nails into a powder of whatever color you prefer. The process for dip nails is much quicker, adds a layer of protection to natural nails, and last around three to four weeks.

Simple products

You’ve probably seen people showing off shelves and shelves of expensive skin care products. While it can be fun to try out new products, it is possible to overdo it and cause problems instead of fixing them. Overusing products can overwhelm your skin and cause breakouts, dryness, and irritation. If you’re trying to use too many products, there’s a chance some of them might not even get the chance to do what they’re supposed to. Some individual products might also be overwhelming, so you could benefit from choosing some basic products, like cold creams or witch hazel.

Hair accessories

In the past few years, most people aimed to hide any hair accessories. Hair ties to match your hair color and discreetly tucking in bobby pins was the norm. Hair accessories are just starting to make a comeback. Old fans of Blair Waldorf’s headbands will be glad to see this incoming trend. Stacking barrettes and scrunchies can be the perfect addition to any outfit.

Professional care

Of course, there’s only so much you’re able to achieve with skin care and makeup. For dramatic results, help from a professional is the best way to go. This can be something small and temporary, like microblading for your eyebrows or getting an eyelash lift so you can get a makeup look without ever having to put it on. As always, dermal fillers and other injections are still hugely popular.


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