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“Couplepreneurs” Brandon and Jazmin Prove That Love and Business Go Hand-in-Hand

“Couplepreneurs” Brandon and Jazmin Prove That Love and Business Go Hand-in-Hand

(l-r) Brandon LeGrant and Jazmin Meredith

Who says that lovers can’t be in business together? While a lot of couples have decided not to mix love and business, “couplepreneurs” Brandon LeGrant and Jazmin Meredith have found that mixing the two makes for a healthy and more profitable relationship. The couple has managed to use their past business experience to come together and invest in several ventures that have helped grow their relationship and the balance in their bank accounts.

Brandon and Jazmin define their business relationship as co-proprietors, who both contribute to the idea and decision-making process. While, Brandon is more of a behind-the-scenes guy who likes to stay on the backend, handling digital marketing and graphic design, Jazmin is the upfront girl. Not only is she a beauty professional, she’s also a customer services aficionado who doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty when it comes to the workload of their businesses.

The two bosses currently work together on Skin Salon & Spa, an Atlanta-based spa that provides skin care services, hair services boutique Painted Beauty Bar HD and online fur retailer Life of G.O.D.S.Painted HD and Skin Salon & Spa has been in business for five years. Located in the same building in the affluent Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta, the two beauty, and health-based businesses have attracted a lot of influential men and women. Clients of both establishments enjoy services that include micro-blading, oxygen treatments, 24k gold facials, and massages; just to name a few.

Brandon LeGrant

However, Life of G.O.D.S. is a newer business venture established in November of 2017; making it only a couple of months old. The affordable luxury fur retailer is comprised of a collection of fur garments ranging from full-length coats to bomber jackets, vests and stoles for men and women. The site literally went viral overnight and has enjoyed success with celebrities and customers all over the world.

Jazmin has confessed that the idea for Life of G.O.D.S. was birth out of her natural affinity for furs and Taraji P. Henson’s portrayal of Cookie Lyon on FOX’s hit drama Empire. She has always been a fur girl and since relocating to Atlanta looks for any excuse to pull out her full-length fur coats and strut around town. However, after seeing the fur pieces that Empire’s costume designer Paolo Nieddu put on Taraji, Jazmin was inspired to create a collection of her own.

Supported by Brandon, who contributed his artistic talents, the two created an impressive collection that has been worn by celebrities like Fantasia, Claire Summers of Fashion Bomb Daily, Hustle Gang’s Tokyo Jetz, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Tammy Rivera and Tommie Lee, and Jermaine Dupri’s daughter Shaniah Mauldin (Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta). Singer K. Michelle was actually one of Life of G.O.D.S.’ first customers and the first celebrity to wear it on camera.

Life of G.O.D.S.’ customers are attracted to not only the collection’s luxury designs and quality of materials but also its affordable prices. The collection provides full fur pieces with a median price of approximately $2,000. It’s cheapest full fur product rests at around $1,200 with its fur-topped sliders being the cheapest item on the entire site at $120.
However other fur retailers hoist their prices to $4,000 and up. Only coming down on the price for pieces that are partially comprised of fur (i.e. sleeves or collars). In comparison to their competitors, Life of G.O.D.S. provides more material and quality for a more affordable price.

A lot of people might wonder what makes Brandon and Jazmin so successful in their personal and business relationship. Especially, since both sides have their own pressures and stresses that can strain any relationship. Mixing the two can often blur the lines between the boardroom and pillow talk; as we’ve seen many times with celebrity couples who work together. However, the couple has found that their business relationship is simply an extension of their personal one and they enjoying sharing both with each other.

Faith would have it that these two would first meet at a dinner held by mutual friends. Prior to working together, they were able to solidify their romantic relationship. Though they aren’t married and only have kids outside of their relationship, they conduct themselves as a united family with full support and no divisions.

Their success is partly due to their ability to identify individual traits that they are lacking in themselves and finding them in their partner. For example, Brandon recognizes that Jazmin is the better of the two when it comes to articulating and executing their ideas. He enjoys the fact that she’s a very involved person in every step of the process. At the same time, Jazmin understands that Brandon is more of an observer, making him able to look at a situation from multiple angles before making a decision. She appreciates his insight and trusts his judgment, utilizing his opinion before pulling the trigger.

Their relationship can best be described as a rifle and a scope. Separately the two are useful and can help get the job done, but in unison, they hit the mark every time. And just to clarify the metaphor, Brandon is the scope and Jazmin is definitely the rifle.

Brandon Legrant @b.legrant

Originally from Brooklyn, Brandon is a former entertainment industry professional who also fancied himself as an inventor and serial entrepreneur. His resume boasts being a former A&R at Purple Ribbon Records, working with artists like Janelle Monae. He was also the owner of a photography and videography business.

As a native of Washington D.C., Jazmin turned her many years in the beauty industry into a business aimed at helping people with their skin problems. She started off in her teenage years working for MAC Cosmetics. After noticing that a lot of her clients suffered from skin problems, Jazmin decided that she wanted to go to school to become an esthetician.

She realized that she wanted to learn how to treat and prevent skin problems instead of hiding them behind a mask of makeup.While in school, Jazmin started Painted HD and later followed up with Skin Salon Spa. Through both businesses, Jazmin has been able to help treat a lot of people including women of color, clients with alopecia, and cancer survivors.

Jazmin Meredith @jazminthegreat

Besides Life of G.O.D.S., Skin Salon Spa, and Painted HD, Brandon and Jazmin are working on a couple of other ventures that will launch soon. They’ve recently erected Grand Empire Entertainment, a management agency that works with recording artists, actors, and businesses. Separately the two have been managing others for years, however, they decided to put it all under one roof, with an effective team in place to get the job done.

They will also be launching a medical water and medicine ball, an expansion of their health and beauty base. Speaking of expansion, this year Skin Spa Salon will have an additional location in the Atlanta area. It’s a moment of growth for the business that has survived over half a decade and attracted highly esteemed clientele.

With the evolution of their business relationship, some may wonder what will happen to Brandon and Jazmin’s personal one. As for marriage, there are no doubts that Brandon is definitely going to put a ring on it. Unfortunately, he wasn’t will to expose his time-table. In terms more kids, the couple is content with the lot that they have. They do see themselves having another child one day, but as of right now Mommy and Daddy have work to do that doesn’t take place in the bedroom.

Figuring out how to balance everything going in your lives is half the battle of a relationship. The other half is learning how to trust, respect, and communicate with one another. Though they’re are not perfect, Brandon and Jazmin have found a way to accomplish both sides. All while displaying that love and business can function more effectively than many people have thought.


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