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Crazy Facials

Some people will do anything to achieve the look of youthful skin, but when is it just too much? Sit back and learn about some crazy facials.


Live Snail Facials

If you are questioning what you just read, don’t. Yes, believe it or not, some people allow living snails to crawl on their face. This treatment started back in Thailand a few years ago in spas. Apparently, the mucus released by the snail is full of “youth.” One by one, the snails are put on your face. After the treatment is done, some people had visible changes to their appearance.

snail facials

Semen Facials

Don’t know if you should let him paint your face? If you are in search of youthful skin, you may consider it. Seminal fluid is said to be good for your skin. Basically, the man ejaculates in a clean dish and you rub the freshly released skeet on your face. After 10-15 minutes, you wash it off. The logic behind this particular treatment is the fact that semen is full of protein and protein is good for you. Some people swear by it and state it has cleared up their skin issues.

sperm facials

Vampire Facials

This particular treatment became trendy by reality television start Kim Kardashian. No, Blackula is not coming for you, so no need for garlic. In the spa or medical facility, your blood is taken and the plasma is then separated. The good stuff is then placed back into your skin via a little row of needles in the tool used. The treatment is good for collagen production, which gives the skin that youthful glow and bounce.

Vamp facials

Honorable Mention: Foreskin Cream 

Yes, human foreskin is in some high-end beauty cream that claims to make you look younger. At first, it seems gross and cruel to use it, considering its origins. However, human foreskin is nothing new in the beauty world. The cells used from the foreskin help with skincare and burn victims. If you do not wish to by the cream, made infamous by Oprah called TNS Recovery Complex, just get a facial, the HydraFacial, that uses foreskin fibroblasts.

Baby making funny face


All of these treatments seem extreme and weird. The best thing to do is have a good skincare routine and wear sunblock everyday you are out in the sun. If you do not want snails crawling all over your face, but still want the “benefits”, go for a snail mask in the form of a cream or sheet mask. Feeling apprehensive of letting your man cum all over your face to look young? Simple crack open an egg and create a mixture of egg yolk and honey to place on your face. Above all, just use a good moisturizer and stay hydrated. If you are curious, please do your research.


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