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Creating Extra Flavor in the Kitchen with Throw Pillows

Creating Extra Flavor in the Kitchen with Throw Pillows

To make the interior of your kitchen more inviting, you can decorate it with cozy throw pillows. Such accessories serve as bright and expressive accents in the room, add a bit of novelty to it, and provide all households with a comfortable and pleasant stay in the area.

Today, there are a wide variety of decorative pillows of different shapes and colors. In the kitchen, they can be placed both on the sofa and chairs in the dining area. Pillows can be square, round, rectangular, or custom-shaped. And their color scheme allows you to perfectly match the kitchen interior.

Creating Extra Flavor in the Kitchen with Throw Pillows

Thanks to the removable cushion covers, it is possible to freshen up the interior at any time and make it brighter and more inviting. Such decorative elements are not only beautiful, but also very comfortable: While sitting on the sofa, you can put them under your feet or behind your back, and relax after a hard-working day.

How to Choose ‘Right’ Pillows

Choosing cushions for your kitchen, you should pay attention to the style of the room. First, it is necessary to decide what you want to highlight — any decorative elements or color of the ceiling, walls, or floor covering. If you want to focus on the decor, all textiles, such as blankets, curtains, upholstery, tablecloths, and pillows, should be kept in the same color scheme.

You also can play with contrasts, but remember: You can use no more than five colors in the interior. In addition, in textiles, not only color should match each other, but also the pattern and other decorative elements to create a beautiful and harmonious interior.

In Different Styles

In Indian-style kitchens, you can use , with typical patterns and ornaments. Cute white pillows decorated with ruffles and pink embroidery will perfectly match the shabby chic style. In Japanese design, cushions decorated with various hieroglyphs will look great, and the expressiveness of the fusion style will be highlighted with bright and personalized pillows.

In ‘classic’ kitchens, you can create an exquisite and noble atmosphere by adding pillows made of velvet or velour. Design trends such as Country or Provence traditionally use checkered textiles or pillows decorated with floral and plant patterns.

The appearance of decorative pillows can also be designed according to the seasons. For example, in winter a room can be decorated with fur and plush covers, in spring — with pillows with blossoming flowers and trees. In summer, pillows with berries and fruits on them will look picturesque, and in autumn you can decorate the kitchen with pillows decorated with leaves or animals.

Decorative pillows can be made from a wide variety of materials: cotton, linen, velvet, fur, fleece, flock, velour, silk, etc. For example, in kitchens made in a romantic style, satin or silk pillows with calm pastel shades will look exquisite. To highlight the coziness and warmth of the room, it is recommended to use pillows with knitted or woolen covers. In the hot summertime, cushions made from cotton and linen will look good in the kitchen.

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Make Throw Pillows on Your Own

Want you to decorate your kitchen interior with decorative pillows made on your own? First, define the style of the room. Based on this, you can choose the most suitable shape, material, and color scheme. Always remember: Choosing the fabric for pillows, you have to take into account the whole style of the room.

The most popular are natural materials, which are most often used for sewing Provencal or Scandinavian-style decorative pillows. And materials such as silk and satin are perfect for a classic style. Fabrics with natural colors and coarse textures match the Country style very well. If your kitchen is decorated in high-tech style, it does not accept the use of decorative elements. This means decorative pillows should be used with great caution here.

Speaking about forms of throw pillows, the most common ones are rectangular or square pillows. Special attention should also be paid to the choice of accessories. Especially if it serves as a decorating element. Only French and romantic styles allow abundant use of accessories.

For other styles, this is unacceptable. The pillows themselves can be bright and catchy, but there should not be an abundance of stones, rhinestones, buttons, or stripes. Cushions decorated in this way will look ridiculous. If you do not want to disturb the uniformity of the style, you should not be obsessed with the decorating process.

Most often, materials such as polyester or holofiber are used as fillers for decorative pillows, as these materials keep their shape better than others. To achieve such an effect using cotton wool or fluff as a filler is not possible. In addition, pillows filled with these fillers are heavy and uncomfortable. Therefore, if you want to get not just a beautiful, but also a high-quality thing we recommend you to use the above filling materials.

We hope these tips will help you by creating a unique atmosphere in your kitchen.


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