Crossover in Shondaland!? ABC’s Scandal & How To Get Away With Murder Collide!

Shonda Rhimes rules Thursday nights with an iron fist. Grey’s Anatomy, Scandaland How To Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM) are three of television’s heaviest hitters and rumor has it two of the shows are about to collide! Rumor has it that the second season of HTGAWM and the fifth season of Scandal will feature a few episodes where its two leading characters, Olivia Pope and Annalise Keating, meet and CLASH! Gladiators versus interns, Huck versus Frank, a revered fixer taking on a diabolical defense attorney–this should be good!


Needless to say a catfight between Olivia and Annalise would not be a physical one but a clash of ideology more than likely. Rumor has it Annalise hires Olivia to fix a problem for her, but when she uncovers Annalise’s greater plan at works both ladies pull out all their tricks to take each other down. Shonda Rhimes has been mum about this rumor, but we are hoping it is true! Alongside Candice Young and Cookie Lyon, these two ladies are the most dynamic women on television. So who do you have your money on? Olivia may have the President and spies in her sphere of influence, but as we know Annalise is the master of covering up the most insideous deeds. This is gonna be spectacular! #FingersCrossed

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