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CULT: I’m Happy When My Hair is Done

The one thing that always has to be on point with my look is my hair. If my hair is ugly then nothing else really matters. My outfit can be amazing, my heels could be sexy, my nails can be freshly done, but if my hair is not beautiful then I don’t care about anything else. I’m sure you all have that one thing that will make or break the way you will feel about your ensemble for an outing. What is it?


I was living a nightmare when my hairstylist Shae went on maternity leave. I knew she was going on leave but when the time came and I couldn’t book an appointment it felt like my phone screen cracked. I was in absolute shock. I think loving to get my hair done is the girliest thing about me. I love love love getting my hair done. It’s so relaxing and it’s even better when your hairstylist knows what they’re doing.

I’ve had my share of funny hands in my hair, but after I experienced bald patches and thinning I decided to just do my own hair. At that time I was natural so most of my looks consisted of twist-outs, braids, and an annual blow out. Last year I wanted something new and something different so I went back to the creamy crack that all naturals love to hate; a relaxer. Not only that, but I went for the Nia Long, Halle Berry, Fantasia short hair cut. The cut life has been so good to me and it’s all because my hairstylist understands my scalp lol.

Tomboy Confession: The real reason why I got this hair cut is because I thought it would be easier to deal with. Let me just say I was completely wrong. Now it is a little bit more easier because the relaxer straightens my hair and there’s not much hair to deal with, but if your styling is not well put together then it will always be noticeable. My  best bet when having a bad hair day and I can’t get to Shaee Carver is to do a “slick back” hairstyle or throw a hat on. Now take a look at the masterpiece below that my girl hooked up for me. Watch the video too!



Want this look or remix it contact my girl Shaee Carver!

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