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Ladies, which item in your wardrobe can turn any outfit into sexy? This should be an easy one. Heels! Well all my life I’ve been substituting sexy for comfortable by wearing sneakers and flats. Don’t get it twisted, I own several pairs of heels and I can walk in them (if they’re under 6 inches), but I just don’t like to. Well I’ve decided to no longer hide from heels. Not just heels, but makeup, a sexy wardrobe, and basically everything girly. This is  a blog within a blog that allows people to come on a journey with me as I attempt to transition from a tomboy to a girly girl. Different right?


I realized that I could not walk around here looking all types of crazy and be an assistant for a celebrity stylist, Julian Lark or be a member of Pretty Fly Society. Tomboy and those two companies are like water and oil. Trust me the struggle is real with trying to stay ‘done up’ 24/7. So here is your inside scoop on a girl who could care less about heels, makeup and everything in between, but wants to give it all a try.

I call it “C.U.L.T”.. I’m not saying bye to my tomboy style. Im saying see you later.

See(C) You(U) Later(L) Tom(T).

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