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Cure It With Cayenne!

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Of the many herbal remedies and ingredients  to know and master using cayenne pepper should be at the top of everyone’s list.  Cayenne pepper is regarded as the most powerful herb by Dr. Schulze, one of the worlds leading authorities on natural and alternative medicine. Cayenne peppers potent powers extend much farther than just our lemon, cayenne and maple syrup detox beverage.  The spicy red pepper rejuvenates, detoxifies, and restore multiple major functioning systems with in us.

Here are a few ways cayenne can asset with improving your daily life:

1. Joint and pain reliever

2. Migrane prevention

3. Combats cold and flu

4. Increase stamina

5. Eliminate lower back pain


In addition to those daily ailment cures so many people suffer from, cayenne pepper can also tackle these:

6a7a498d6e2520677621ebad534d7d9dLemon, cayenne pepper, honey, apple cider vinegar and water: soothes sinuses and boosts immune system

1. Rebuild tissue in the stomach and intestines

2. Psoriasis

3.  Increase Salivation

4. Boost circulation and increase cardiovascular performance

5. Stop a heart attack within 30 seconds

Yes, we’re stocking up on cayenne too! With summer coming to a close cayenne is the perfect way to boost energy and detox in preparation for the frigid fall. Keep your body in tip top shape by treating yourself to a spicy elixir daily.  Try swapping out your morning coffee for a glass of warm water with lemon and cayenne pepper.  This will awaken your liver, the bodies primary detoxifying organ, as well as your digestive system. Prolonged benefits also include a balanced pH in your body, and noticeable increase in energy.

Take KONTROL of your health, and try a cayenne recipe of your choice and tell us what you think!7b2c37f7e5f8cd015cf8ff371c6152f0


Hot honey, Garlic, and cayenne pepper: used to cure strep throat, sinus and colds.


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