CurlBOX Brand Spotlight: Myleik Teele – Founder+CEO

CurlBOX came onto the scene in 2011, taking the natural hair world by storm. As the very first monthly subscription service for naturally curly hair.

As a naturalista, we all know that in the beginning of your hair journey, it only feels right to go out and purchase a massive amount of products being that you are clueless about which product will work best for your hair type.

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Myleik Teele Founder of CurlBOX

Myleik is not only the Founder of CurlBOX but she is a business woman who is unapologetic in her excellence!

What women doesn’t love options and variety?!

With this exclusive monthly subscription, you will receive a beauty box of different hair products for one price versus tearing down the shelves of Target or your local beauty supply store.

“Since the launch of CurlBOX in 2011, L’Oreal, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Target, Walmart, and SheaMoisture is a short list of brands that have trusted Myleik’s vision of making the lives of black women easier by providing them with the high-quality selection of products they deserve”.

CurlBOX, Haircare, Subscription, Myleik Teele, Natural Hair, Beauty, Kontrol mag, kontrol beauty
CurlBOX Goodies

Okay, I Think I Want To Try CurlBOX.. How Does It Work?

The process is VERY SIMPLE!

Every month as a subscriber you will have the luxury of receiving 4 or more quality hair product samples for $20 per month.

You can’t beat that! Oh, and you can cancel at anytime!

You can look forward to amazing products from reputable brands as well as some really great up and coming brands.

If you can blow $20 quicker than you can say TWENTY.. say “I”. If I could see each of your hands, I know that they would all be raised.

I think that every naturalista should take the stress off themselves when trying to decide which hair product will work best with their hair type…..

….CurlBOX  will handle everything for you, EVERY MONTH!!

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