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Curls and Their Up Keep 101

Curls and Their Up Keep 101


You ever see a picture on Instagram or even a person in real life and that person became like your hair idol. You see some naturalistas and their curls are just always popping! Their hair is shiny and bouncy. It is also soft the touch. You often question what you have to do to get your hair popping like that. Everyone’s hair is different so different things are going to work differently to each individual. So of course, you genuinely have to find what works best for you, your hair type, and texture. However moisture is key when it comes to how your hair crush’s hair looks. Your hair can look like that too if you retain as much moisture as possible. Now that doesn’t mean go find a product and drench you head and hair in it because your hair is much like a baby. Stay with me on this one and let me explain. When you feed a baby they eat until they don’t want or need anymore most times. Once they get to that point at which they don’t like, don’t want, and or don’t need anymore no matter how much food you put in it’s mouth it’s just going to spit it out and if the baby is sweet they laugh. In much of the same way when you put water or a moisturizer in your hair. Your hair is only going to take but so much, and once it no longer needs anymore it “spits it out”. Spitting it out as far as hair is concerned usually just means that your hair is no longer soaking up whatever you’re putting in it so it’s either sitting on top of your hair, caught in your curls, or falling out of or off of your hair. So to keep it curly here are seven subtle and simple services to do for your hair.

  1. Bag it up! Apply a moisturizer of your choice to your hair primarily the ends of your hair. Cover your hair with a plastic cap or bag and let it sit for at least 15 mins.
  2. Smooth it out! Don’t allow product to get all clumpy in your hair. When applying any kind of product to your luscious locks you need to smooth it out. Do this by gliding your hair through your palms to encourage your hair’s natural curl alignment, less clumping, more definition, and less frizz.
  3. Do you like pineapples? Try the pineapple method. The pineapple method involves loosely coifing your hair to avoid tangling and preserve your hairstyle overnight by putting your hair on top of your head and tying a scarf around it.
  4. Who doesn’t like wet t-shirts right? Ditch harsh and rough towel drying and dry your hair with a t-shirt instead. This will speed up the drying process as well as prevent frizz.
  5. Pre-poo. I’m not talking about using the bathroom either. Pre-pooing involves oil, conditioner, or a combination of the two. You should apply the mixture to your hair before shampooing. This is in order to decrease the amount of moisture that you may lose during the washing process.
  6. Scrunch it up! Gather small sections of your hair in your hands and carefully squish or squeeze it in an upward motion in order to encourage curl plumping or to release the hold cast from the styling product(s) in your hair.
  7. Shingle. In order to thoroughly disperse products through your hair use your fingers to comb the product(s) through your hair to enhance curl definition.


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