Curls Dynasty

Are you tired of chemicals on your hair and scalp in an effort to chase some notion of beauty? Go natural and get Curls Dynasty.

Nickie Nougaisee of Curl Dynasty
Nickie Nougaisee of Curls Dynasty

Curls Dynasty LLC is a luxurious hair care line. Founded by Nickie Nougaisse in 2014 ,they cater to women and men with naturally curly, kinky and coily hair. They offer wholesome, moisturizing and strengthening products created from certified organic and natural ingredients, scientifically formulated to deliver maximum results.

Curls Dynasty

First off, Curls Dynasty has all of the essential items you will need to transition to natural hair fully. The items can help maintain your natural curls easily. If you want to shop in an al a carte method, you have that option. They make everything from shampoo and conditioners to oil and custards for the kinks and coils. If you want to have a one stop shop experience, you can purchase the sets. The 3 sets are convenient & easy to use.


Further more, there is no need to worry about buying from Curls Dynasty. The founder, Nickie Nougaisse, has experience in maintaining her natural curls for many years. The products are free of harmful chemicals, which is good for your hair and body.

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“Our purpose is to provide our esteemed customers with total support on their journey with quality products, education, tips and tutorials. We aim to inspire, encourage, and empower you through every aspect of our company.”  -Curls Dynasty


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