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Cute Cuticles: 3D Nail Art

Until now, cute manicures called for scheduling an appointment, sitting in the salon and waiting to be called for your service. For all of the manicure obsessed gals, it looks likes your cuticles are in store for an update without the hassle,  due to a new edition on the Metaverse Makeovers’ MM Nails App.



The 3D Hologram App brings nail art to life, allowing users to capture 3D videos and GIFs of their nails and share them with friends.  Images include butterflies, glitter, and fireworks just to name a few. If sharing with your friends from your contact list isn’t enough for you, the video can be uploaded to all of your social media platforms.


While the app is free, you do have to pay for the special nails that are used with the app. They run for about $25.00–but you can’t put a price on looking good! Will you break the internet with your new hot nail look? To look at selections of nails visit shop.mmnails.com 

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