How to be Cute at Every Ugly Sweater Christmas Party

With Christmas around the corner apparently, everyone has taken getting into the holiday spirit to a new extreme and in a way, you might not have imagined. Meet the “Christmas Sweater” AKA the infamous “Ugly Christmas Sweater.”

Ugly Christmas Sweater image from Pinterest

Now you may be thinking…wait, say it ain’t so? Are people actually wearing these silly things?

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Hated by some, loved and admired by others these sweaters are turning quite a few heads. Let’s just say it’s not because of the colors on the sweater and it’s definitely not because of the attractive person wearing it either.

Ugly Christmas Sweater image from Pinterest

As you may already know these sweaters are getting more interesting and even more comical. Just check out the sweater below.

ugly                                                Ugly Christmas sweater Image from Pinterest

No matter where you go or where you turn someone just happens to always be sporting that silly sweater.

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One can’t help but notice that these sweaters are bringing a bit of laughter to your day and adding joy to your holiday. However, in the famous words of Kevin Heart, “I’m Sick of it!” That’s right If you’re going to wear the sweater be sure it’s cute.

Here are some tips on how you can keep it cute at every ugly sweater party.

  1. Stick to a simple design such as a sweater with a simple tree, a cute purse or a few splashes of mistletoe.
  2.  Glitz is good. The more variety of colors embellishments such as rhinestones the better.
  3. Don’t be extra. I mean it’s safe to safe you want to crack a joke, but not look like one.
  4. Don’t stick to just a basic colored sweater explore prints.
  5. Take risks and explore sweats with buttons and not just the traditional sweater.
Cute Christmas Sweater Image from Pinterest

What are your thoughts on these ugly Christmas Sweaters? Hot or Hmm?

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