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Ladies if just like me your summer tan has vanished for a while now and you have tried a few options to not look like Snow White, I have some good news for you. Spray tans, tanning showers, UV, etc., I have tried all of them and whether it was the weird smell, the price, the risk or the result, I always have been disappointed for different reasons. I have finally found a revolutionary solution in a new product collection. Novell, the self-tanning industry leader, recently teamed up with ABC to launch its new product; ‘Dancing with the Stars’, and trust me when I said that the all line is AMAZING! Designed to provide a flawless and foolproof bronzing at home as the advertising sells it, the product totally works and is worth the effort. I had the privilege to test the whole line for you and here is my feedback:



tanning mousse

PERFECTION SELF TANNING MOUSSE: This velvety mousse is easy to apply and gives your skin a nice brown glow. The directions recommend using either a Norvel Tanning Mitt, a washcloth or sponge but I actually used a exfoliating washcloth glove I slightly dampened and put over a plastic glove. The washcloth glove eases the application and gives a uniform result while the plastic one avoids to end up with tanned palms. Even after the first application, your skin looks darker, however an additional application can be done 24 hours later for more effect.

Self Tanning Mousse CocoNilla – $37.95 – 8 fl oz (237 ml)




PERFORMANCE – SELF TANNING AIRBRUSH SPRAY: This is my favorite compared to the mousse. It is pretty much the same but with better results. Because it is spread on the body rather than applied like a body lotion, the marks are easy to avoid and you can also reach your back zone by yourself; in short the result is more uniform. The only negative point is the strong smell of the actual product while applying it, however nose filters are included in the package and should be used. Also make sure to spray it while in your shower (as long as it is still a well-ventilated area) otherwise you will end up with a tanned floor and wall. Like the mousse, one application is already noticeable but feel free to do a second round also 24hours later.

Self Tanning Airbrush Spray – $37.95 – CocoNilla 7 oz (207 ml)



body lotion

ENDURANCE color boosting skin perfector: The body lotion has actually many magical effects: CC (color correcting), color booster, and moisturizer, it also extends the self-tanning color effect and have a nice odors. Whether you choose the airbrush spray or the mousse to get your perfect tan, this balm will illuminate, emphasize and embellished it.

ENDURANCE – COLOR BOOSTING SKIN PERFECTOR – $29.95 – CocoNilla 8.5 fl oz (251 ml)




DAZZLE shimmering mist: This spray is perfect to add some extra shimmers and glams to your nice tanned skin and can also be sprayed on your hair for even more glitz.

DAZZLE – SHIMMERING MIST – $14.95 – Fresh Scent
4 oz (118 ml)


If you haven’t got the idea yet, let me make it clear; these products are revolutionary and will totally changed your opinion on spray tanning!

If you follow the instructions and know the basic tips of spray tanning, you will never go back to a spray-tan salon or get the “orangy” look from bad products anymore. Safer than UV and cheaper than going to a salon, Norvell is for sure the expert in the field. It does not only give you the opportunity to get a spray tan anytime at home but most of all with natural yet relevant results and and no bad smell.

So ladies, winter might be around the corner but thanks to Norvell and its new ‘Dancing with the Stars’ sunless product line, your tan will look fabulous and flawless until it is finally going to be time to lay on the lawn chairs by the pool again.

Don’t wait any longer; go to http://www.norvelltanning.com to order the products.




Basic rules before and after tanning shower (for mousse or air spray)

  • Exfoliate and shave skin 24 hours prior to application.
  • Apply on clean dry skin (right after the shower is the best).
  • Do not apply any type of lotion before and after the application except on your finger and your toes (thus, they won’t get too dark and have a “dirty” look).
  • Avoid over application on elbows, knees, and ankles and even more on feet and hands.
  • Wash your hands conscientiously after application.
  • Wait 10-15 minutes before putting dark clothes back on.
  • Do not bathe, shower or sweat for at least 8 hours after the application.
  • The effect will fade gradually over the next 5-7 days. After this period of time, you can exfoliate your skin to get totally rid of your tan and do a new application.



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