The Dangers Of Corset Training: Is A Small Waist Worth It?

The 19th century undergarment is making a huge comeback as the new latest and greatest weight loss method. It seems that today’s society glorifies a small waist and big butt and many women are going through drastic measures to achieve this desired silhouette. What are they doing you might ask? They’re corset training. Many women have been seen on Instagram and Facebook flaunting their corsets, attributing their weight loss and smaller waist to their corset training.

Corset training is the gradual process of reducing the waist by using a corset. Sound harmless right? Well corset training can actually be very dangerous, even fatal. The corset method compresses against the ribcage to achieve the desired slim waist. It’s unhealthy to put continuous pressure on your midsection as many women have suffered from bruised skin even bruised liver, spleen, and kidneys due to the corset being too tight. The diminished waist and tight corset reduces the volume of the torso by moving the internal organs closer to each other. This causes shortness of breath, restricted oxygen circulation, and the compression of the intestines can cause constipation.


I love a hourglass figure like the next women but not at the price of squishing my organs together.Wearing a corset is a very temporary fix, all you’re doing is compressing your stomach and repositioning the fat opposed to getting rid of it.Unfortunately there is no quick fix to losing those extra inches. The best way to achieve healthy long term weight loss is to eat healthier and exercise more. It might not be what you want to do but it works.



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