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Dating 101…..Class is in Session

Dating 101…..Class is in Session

Photo by Crystal Thymes for PVN Photography

Let’s be real most of us don’t know how to date. It’s not like there’s a Dating 101 class we can take. You know how it goes. We go to the movies, and maybe out to eat, and by the time you get dropped off y’all are already a couple. Nobody really even knows each other, but at least your not by yourself. Then the day comes when you start thinking, I’d rather be by myself.

I, myself have held conversations with women who believe if a date cost too much the man must want something. They almost feel obligated to give him something. It’s obvious they don’t know how to date. Personally I would give them two things an Thank You, and if that’s not enough a I’ll holla. Any real man should know that a date is just that.

Dating 101

Dating these day, for too many of use has 1 or 2 objectives; you’re either looking for a life partner or a sex partner. Think about the first date for most people. It’s either Netflix and chill, the movies, or a club. That’s the kind of dates that get you in a bed, or a situationship. Very few choose dates where you can interact with, or get to know each other.

You have to first understand the purpose of dating. It is the process of getting to know someone, even if it’s yourself. Some people use it as a way to get free meals or trips, but that’s not exactly what I mean. And for those who have never done it, yes you can DATE yourselves. Dating is also the tool you use to filter out who’s good for you, and who isn’t; but again not many of us use it that way either.

When you’re dating you should introduce them to what you like, be willing to learn what they like, or experience something new together. It should be something where y’all could interact, and leave knowing more about each other. Yes you should laugh, play, clown, enjoy, but more importantly get to know who you’re with. It’s complicated, but it’s simple.


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