The Debriefing: Jake Goes In

So last week, Shonda Rhimes hyped all of America up for the last 30 seconds of Scandal! Now Shonda ought to be ashamed of herself for giving us yet another week of anticipation! Well that’s what she’s good for anyway! But let me not get ahead of myself… Vice President Langston. Whew I really thought she was about to give the world the absolute tea over all the corruptness of the White House. She had the perfect platform to tell it all. Everybody was on their way to 30 to life years. She murdered her husband, Cyrus and Mellie covered it up and Olivia did not want any parts of the madness. I was on the edge of my seat during the debate like she is about to go in. I should have known Ms. Rhimes was not going to let it go down like that. This also goes to show the type of spell that Olivia has over Fitz. This man blew the debate to appease his lady! She is his kryptonite!

Now let me just exhale before I speak about Jake. He has gone ape shit and it just killing people off. I was in utter shock when I saw that he was the gunman. You mean he texted all of these people, deceived them to be at the same location and just walked up on a shooting spree?! Yes, Olivia has some serious poo nah nah to have this man killing people all because she asked him to cover something up. She did not necessarily tell him to kill them but she planted the seed and wanted it handled! Whew… now the cliff hanger is.. WHO ELSE DID HE KILL???

Thanks Shonda Rhimes for scaring my asthmatic heart!

Whitney J.



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