WAIT A MINUTE!!! Jake straight walked in on the celebratory toast between Olivia Pope and Associates and shut it down like Beyoncé did the Super Bowl! THEN he put salt on the wound & announced to Olivia that she just killed the President!! Now ain’t that some ish for you! Not the love of Olivia’s life?! I promise Shonda Rhimes knows exactly what to do to keep me coming back for more and more like the show is Blue Magic! I love my supplier though!

Now which is it? Did her father know what was going to happen by giving her access to shutting down B6-13 or was this in her mother’s plans all along. All I know is my nerves are shot and I almost flatlined from the last five minutes of the show.

I could not let this episode be “debriefed” without bringing up the fact that the “Jungle Fever” gene was passed down to Olivia from her mother! Did you see her with her new boo? OH!! Did you see how Olivia’s mother and father were about to kill each other at the dinner table! They are both TTG, Trained To Go! Whew child, you’d be a fool not to be tuned in next week to find out if Fitz makes it and just how far Jake snapped!! But one more thing, did Mellie really slap the dog shit out of Fitz because he cut off her supply of Vitamin D. HA!

Whitney J.

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