The Debriefing: Somebody Has to Die


Honey boo boo child! Shonda Rhimes has done it again! First let’s just take a moment to grieve with Cyrus! I cannot fathom losing the love of my life. Devastation is just the start of what I would be feeling. Now I actually feel bad for Jake because as Command he is actually caring a heavy load. He has to make the stressful decisions of killing a few to save the masses. This time it just so happens that the few to be killed is close to the White House, close to the President and his staff, close to Olivia. Cyrus is the Presidential Chief of Staff and he has lost the love of his life, his life partner.

The suspense continues with Mama Pope who does not cease to amaze me. She self-proclaimed herself as the “Facilitator of Terrorism”. I hope you caught that. She is not to be taken lightly. I felt it when she pulled the gun out and shot the so called terrorist in front of everyone in the room. Please remember that she is not to be toyed with!

Oh and we must discuss Mellie shaking sheets with the potential Vice President. Is it because she is actually in love with him or is it a desperate ploy to get her husband, President Fitzgerald back? I am inclined to wonder about her deep intentions. I am quite sure that some sexual frustration is involved. I mean how would you feel knowing that your husband is giving it up to some other chick and will not even touch you? Yep I’m sure she was more than willing to let someone, who obviously is smitten with her, scratch her kitty!


Whitney J.



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