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‘Deceptions of Achieving’ A Tell All

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Last year  VH1 aired the TLC biopic which was received well by everyone except for one person, Pebbles. After the films air Pebbles was somewhat under fire for her misconduct in handling the groups business, as well as a few of the things she had to say once the filmed aired. Luckily for us Pebbles is back in the hot seat, and I’ve got a sizable cup of tea for you!

In addition to Pebbles coming forward with her version of the TLC story, a young man by the name of Sebastien McKissack also had a few facts he felt the film lacked.  Shortly after the biopic aired McKissack spoke with, claiming he was Pebbles son! Sebastien stated that he was Pebbles “unacknowledged” son, and that “she came to my 10th birthday party … that’s about it. But we did have frequent phone conversations, so I’ve known her all my life”.

Whet?! Back in the 90s it was always rumored that Pebbles and  DeBarge had a short lovers stint. That was about 20 years ago, which is also exactly how old Sebastien is. If there is any truth to this, not only would it confirm the legitimacy of Sebastien’s paternity, but it will also confirm that Pebbles CHEATED on LA Reid.

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While speaking with HSK, Sebastien claimed his father was a pediatrician who had previously passed away, however his Grandmother on his alleged father’s side, Etteriene DeBarge made sure she set the record straight. Here is the letter she wrote to HSK after Sebastien’s story was published.

“I’m informing you that the story you put out about Sebastian McKissack is not completely true! Yes, Perri is his mother but he is telling a bold faced lie about his dad. He is my son. Yes, Eldra DeBarge! I dont understand why he would sit up and tell that complete lie about his father because he was well taken care of. My son never neglected him and I made sure of that! Sebastian lived with me from 2007-2009 due to his behavioral problems so if he is saying he was completely neglected by my side of the family it’s a LIE! I’m sorry it came to this.”

Talk about family drama! Fortunately for us we don’t have to wait much longer for the story to unfold. Sebastien is currently working on a tell-all title, ‘Deceptions of Achieving’ which is said to be available August 25th. I hope there’s a Kindle version!

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