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5 Epiphanies We Had While Watching Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated

5 Epiphanies We Had While Watching Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated

Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated

One brave soul, Demi Lovato, premiered a deeply personal, unbelievably candid, excruciatingly vulnerable, documentary detailing the plights of her life on yesterday, via YouTube. The project was dense with candor, and depth. Check out these five epiphanies we had while watching Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated.

1. High School is no breeding ground for mental wellness.

Demi was relentlessly bullied in high school. One group of girls, in particular, set their sights on her; even stooping so low as to circulate a petition, calling for Demi to commit suicide, throughout the school, and encouraging other students to sign it. The entire ordeal triggered extreme social anxiety, and caused Demi to distrust her own peer group.

2. Not all of your battles, begin with you.

Demi seems to have inherited a few generational demons in her lifetime. Her public battle with drug addiction, being amongst the most famous. Demi’s father had been a drug abuser, and left his family when Demi was just a toddler. That experience set a host of other troubles in motion in Demi’s life. As a teenager, Demi developed an addiction to cocaine, and Adderall, as well as alcohol.

3. Intervention is not a lost art. 

Her team staged an intervention. Demi’s manager, Phil McIntyre, became fed up with her destructive behavior. He devised a strategy, convincing every member of Lovato’s professional team to quit, unless she cleaned up her act. The team demanded that she destroy her cell phone, “the gateway to everything”, on the spot. She complied, consequently, breaking communication with former dealers and negative influencers.

4. Your parents aren’t perfect. 

Demi has been sober for 5 and 1/2 years. But she identifies a chronic eating disorder as her biggest challenge, to date. Perhaps, another generational curse. Her mother speaks about her own unhealthy ideals about perfection. Mrs. Hart admits that, as her children were growing up, she stressed the importance of a thin physique. She believed that being thin was a prerequisite to success, and correlated it to physical beauty. She reveals her own concerns that she may have passed these ideals along to her daughters as well.

5. Pop stars Need Love Too. 

Demi found hers, at first sight with, actor, Wilmer Valderrama. The two nurtured a six-year long relationship. The union came to an end when the couple, mutually, decided that Demi had become co-dependent, and needed to heal. The star affirms that she could not conquer her troubles, while using her relationship as a crutch. She sought solace, after the split, by hitting the gym, and entertaining casual hookups through a dating app.

Sound wild? Well, it’s all there, in the documentary. This pop princess is no prude. She believes that her body is her own. And, she also asserts that she is open to “human connections”, by the way. Demi has no problem dating across gender lines. If you think you’ve got a shot, be advised that she loves athletes, hates douche bags, and still has a little bit of a thing for Wilmer. But hey, shoot your shot! Well, first, check out Demi Lovato’s official documentary, Simply Complicated, below.


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