Denim Days; Kontrol’s Favorite Denim For You!

It’s winter the most important time of the year for every type and shade of denim. Denim days are upon us you guys, whatever will we wear?

Although, we have choices the most complicated choice for anyone is finding the perfect denim to fit. Finding the perfect jeans is like finding the love of your life. And, just like your lover when that pair of jeans gets too big, small, rips, a piece of you has departed with them. But, fear not my fashion gurus, I have provided a list of denim to get you through these cold denim days.Modefabriek 1962 965 0 0

The denim greats have provided great quality of products for decades- Diesel, Levi, and Gap just to name a few. Today with the increase in online shopping and bargain prices for fashionable items. Access to denim name brands or not, are now just one click away. Women’s online stores such as Fashion Nova and  local department stores ,are providing multiple styles of denim, making it a hot commodity, per usual. For the past few years, over-sized boyfriend denim jackets have been in high demand. Brands such as Levi’s, Urban Outfitters, Fashion Nova, and Piece of LA provides great quality of those type of jean jackets. Along with denim button up shirts, skirts, shorts, and shoes.

So, for that extra push to find the right denim for you. Kontrol has provided some of our favorite denim pieces from Diesel.

Hopefully, our list and images listed above help with your denim search. This is sure to motivate you that the perfect denim fit is waiting just for you. Check them out below.

Image of model wearing diesel denim

Image of model wearing diesel denim

Image of model wearing diesel denim

Image of model wearing diesel denim

Image of model wearing diesel denim

Image Diesel Denim for Women
All images courtesy of Diesel

More denim?

Did you know there is a national Denim Day? The International Denim Day Festival launched in New York City in April 2017. the Festival is known worldwide and popular in Amsterdam. And, in New York, it was a success allowing multiple vendors to feature their work. Consumers, designers, and exhibitors were all in attendance.

But, my ultimate favorite and affordable denim come from Old Navy. Old Navy, not only provides denim for women and men but kids as well. Old Navy is sister to the GAP brand and allows you to save money.

What is your favorite denim?


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