Derek Lam + Athleta Collaboration?

There is another collaboration brewing.  This time it’s with Derek Lam and Athleta to create Derek Lam 10 Crosby (Derek Lam 10 C) and athletic apparel brand that will include sweatshirts, leggings, bra tops, leather and even denim.

Prices will range from $58 to $388; so fairly reasonable.  It will be available at Athleta stores and 10 Crosby in NYC in September.  This new movement of creating fashionable leisure wear has been bubbling over the last year with he increase in people wanting to be comfortable from the gym to their weekend errands.  Brands such as Rebecca Minkoff and Chanel are other high end brands looking to jump on the bandwagon soon!

Check out the solitary sketch of the line below.  I don’t know about you, but this sketch has me super excited for the line to come!




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