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A sprinkle of cutting edge. A dose of timeless vintage Eastern glam.  A twist of quirky girlishness, and a blend of exquisite retro inspiration, the OTT Dubai brand is cooking up some major heat in the fashion world.

OTT fashion brand
Draya Michele

As seen on many celebrities such as  Jhene Aiko, Bailee Madison, Estelle, Draya Michelle, Remy Ma, Laura Marano, and Christina Milian to name a few, the OTT collection is a sophisticated luxury women’s ready to wear brand, which is designed for those funky fabulous women who are enamored with fashion and want to have fun with it.

What does this initials of OTT stand for, exactly? Over The Top, which is what this line is all about. OTT is a unique brand that creates traditional expressive ethnic designs which pays huge attention to detail that screams drama and sophistication. The silk, embroidery, beads, and hand-made fabrics celebrate the bold ethnicity and magnificence of contemporary cuts and fabrics worthy of any woman who embarks on a decedent night of mischief with a splash of glamour.

OTT fashion lineThe OTT brand was launched in Summer 2005 by two best friends who began collaborating and designing t-shirts as a hobby in Starbucks. With their childhood upbringing between the Gulf and Europe, along with their blend of Eastern heritage with personal eccentric expression, a passion to create clothes defined by luxury was the end result. OTT represents freedom of ideas, by indulging in creative whims and foreign concepts.

Yes, OTT is a high-end fashion brand synonymous with kitsch couture, but what’s most intriguing and mysterious about the collection, is that 12 years later, the founders still have yet to reveal themselves whereas they have allowed their designs to take center stage. The duo feels anonymity is an opportunity, if managed in the right way – fashion doesn’t just reflect the story, it can become the story.

OTT fashion brand

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OTT fashion brand
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Get the latest fashion trends, the best in beauty, entertainment news, and culture to know delivered daily.