Designer Nipples, The Cosmetic Trend of 2017

Photographer: Nick Knight

Kylie Jenner reveals all in NSFW photo- shoot for V Magazine’s Music Issue. In her first super nude shoot, Kylie opens up in her interview about her public life. 

With plastic surgery, the new craze in society the Question of the Day is: What are ‘Designer Nipples?


More than a cosmetic trend, nipples are in right now. The rise of ‘Designer Nipples’ are becoming an evolving nipple fixation. With plastic surgery taking over the modern age, breast procedures and reconstruction are the latest trends. A cosmetic trend that has been translated into beauty, fashion, media and now a movement among women. Driven by the fashion realm, this trend is exposed in sheer- shirt tops and thin materials leaving nipples free and exposed. With the trend of see-through tops, the demand for designer nipples is high.

Kim Kardashian- West
KeKe Palmer
Kendall Jenner & Bella Hadid
Rihanna, Wild Thoughts
Nicki Minaj

More and more women are opting for the latter when it comes to their nipple and areolas. Whether they are embracing their natural bodies or plastic surgery, women are finally getting more comfortable with baring their bodies to the world. A New York- based plastic surgeon, Dr. Norman Rowe, revealed that the number of nipple patients has quadrupled on the weekly basis. Reporting a surplus of patients wanting a ‘nipple tuck’. A cosmetic operation for women who seek more of a symmetrical, lighter nipple with smaller areolas.


The impact of mass media, whether it’s social media, magazines, or television, has changed the perception of body image.

Many have turned their attention to social media and how it can alter the view of their bodies. Altering what we identify as beautiful; with attention comes comparison, we want what others have. Since the rise of #FreeTheNipple, women say no more to bras. In the last six months to a year designers, celebrities, socialites and fashion innovators have said no more to nipple pasties. A way to express a movement and petition bare nipples front and centre. The ‘free the nipple’ movement has encouraged individuals to embrace their body. While ridding of objectification and sexualisation of women’s bodies. It seems this peek-a-boo trend might have brought about a new insecurity for women.


Nipples are glorious in whatever variety they may come. Feel free to free the nipple no matter what they look like. They are just as worthy of self- love as we are here to celebrate this beauty.

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