Designer Spotlight: Alessandro Michele

Alessandro Michele
Alessandro Michele (@lallo25)

Over of a decade of Alessandro Michele‘s was spent working for Gucci. He’s held many different positions within the brand and ascended to become the Creative Director in 2015.

Seating at the head creative seat of one of the world’s most notable fashion houses is a lot of responsibility. Alessandro was surprisingly chosen to replace his predecessors Fiada Giannini, who is his complete opposite. His first task was to produce a men’s collection in five days, while still having to create a womenswear collection for the next month. Needless to say, he completed his task and passed what seemed like a test, with flying colors.

Originally from Rome, Alessandro studied  Accademia di Costume e di Moda (Academy of Costume and Fashion) in his hometown. Early in his career, he became the Senior Accessories designer at Fendi, before being brought on to Gucci by Tom Ford who moved Alessandro to the London design office.

Alessandro Michele

Since becoming the Creative Director, the Italian fashion house has reported that the brand has done exceptionally well financially. With financial analytics painting the picture that Gucci is doing better than it’s ever done in the last 20 years. This year alone brought in a record 51% increase in revenue.

As for Alessandro, his vision for Gucci isn’t simply one of fashion or revenue, but of attitude and dreams. He grew up a lover of cinema and always manages to incorporate inspiration from movies. For example, recently he was accused of stealing an alien themed idea from a fashion student. However, when Alessandro commented on the accusations, he says that he was thinking of Star Trek and Star Wars at the time. He envisioned the same futuristic and out-of-this-world designs that he saw as a kid in movies.

In addition to fantasy, Alessandro is known for floral designs and beautiful clothing; nothing too sexy. Earlier this year his collection was themed “The Alchemist’s Garden: an Anti-Modern Laboratory”, with inspirations coming from the Victorian Era, The Renaissance period, 70s Discos, and nods to international travels.

Alessandro has literally worked his way to the top and added himself to a list of respected designers. He’s proven that hard work and creativity can go a long way. And most of all he’s never once compromised himself and his values. His influence is seen from one of the highest creative Thrones in the world.

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