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Different Ways to Prepare and Consume CBD Oil

Different Ways to Prepare and Consume CBD Oil

Whether you’re on the go, need a little variety in your life, or just want to try something new, it’s great to know CBD oil can be taken as you please – you’re not limited to the dropper.


What are your options? Food and drinks can easily incorporate CBD oil without truly altering the flavor, giving you a more pleasant way to consume it. However, CBD oil shouldn’t be used like typical cooking oil or tea flavorings. How should you best prepare it?


First, be careful of mixing it in food or drinks that other people have access to, since you should avoid sharing the supplement without others knowing. But other than these cautionary points, here are ways to best consume CBD oil, and what preparation methods to avoid.

Avoid Heat

CBD oil should never be used as a cooking oil, as exposure to high heat can degrade the CBD. Beyond this, high heats can lead to the oil evaporating, therefore decreasing the percentage of CBD you actually consume. This includes things such as boiling-hot tea fresh from the kettle, a pan you left on high heat for a little too long, or an oven that’s set over 300° F. As such, it’s fine to mix it with a warm cup of tea, but cooking with CBD oil should be avoided.

Tea and Coffee

Simply mix your choice of CBD oil into your coffee, tea, or other drink – after you’re done preparing it, so as to ensure that the heat doesn’t impact the effectiveness of the CBD.


Adding one serving (or, one milliliter) of your chosen CBD oil to a drink should suffice – no matter how big your drink. Keep in mind, when mixing your CBD oil into a beverage, it should be noted that the oil is not soluble in coffee or tea and so it may float on the surface. Adding it to milk or creamer and vigorously mixing it prior to adding to the coffee should help emulsify it to maximize the serving.


For a fun mix to your morning coffee, choose the chocolate mint flavor of Charlotte’s Web’s CBD Oil.

Adding it to Food

When incorporating CBD oil with your food, figure out how many servings of food you’re making and add one serving of CBD oil (or, one milliliter) for each.


If you buy an olive oil flavored CBD oil, you can very easily drizzle it over your salad, or add it to a noodle dish by tossing it in with the noodles (post drainage). Don’t use CBD oil to pan-fry anything, however, and don’t mix it into ingredients that will then be placed in the oven. As stated, CBD oil should never be cooked. So long as that’s avoided, it makes a great addition to finished dishes, much like you would add salt or a garnish.


This method does include a drawback, however. Drizzling CBD oil over food can result in the oil dripping off the dish and onto the plate, so pouring it over-top can miss its target. Unless you have a very expansive meal, such as a salad with large, oil-catching greens, some of your oil may be wasted. Nonetheless, don’t use more than the recommended dose, as you can potentially consume too much of it as a result.



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