Gay, Black, & Conflicted! Director Patrik-Ian Polk is back with a new film; “Blackbird!”

Patrik-Ian Polk has done it again. By again, I mean released another movie accurately portraying the black and gay experience. Following in the footsteps of his previous films and series; “Punks,” “Noah’s ARC,” and “The Skinny;” “Blackbird” is a coming of age story with a religious twist. Julian Walker is “Randy Rousseau,” a young singer in a Southern Baptist town struggling with his sexuality. His little sister’s disappearance and his parents’ separation serve as a backdrop to his already complicated life. Blackbird truly shows the awkwardness and pain that can come from growing up Christian, Southern, Black, and gay in a small Mississippi town.

Julian Walker as “Randy Rousseau”

From the looks of the film the cast is stellar! His parents are played by Academy Award-winner Mo’Nique and Isaiah Washington. This marks Mo’Nique’s first major role since 2009’s “Precious.” She and Isaiah are also producers of the show. Their appearance may yet give this film some mainstream appeal. With them involved we at least know it will be well acted, marinating well with Patrik’s film style. This marks Julian Walker’s cinematic debut. Based on reviews from critics, the boy has real acting chops and a bright future ahead of him. Terrell Tilford is Randy’s pastor determined to cure him of his homosexuality, and comes off as the “mean-to-do-well villain of the film.” The film is said to be tamer than its predecessors in sexuality, but nevertheless delivers a powerful story.Blackbird was released in various independent film festivals last years and will be making its Southeastern debut Thursday, October 2nd at Landmark Midtown Art Cinema Theater. If you have ever been young, awkward, or different Blackbird will resonate with you. Find yourself in the mix and check out this awesome film, I know I will!


“Blackbird” Feature Film Trailer from KB on Vimeo.

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