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What do you get the man that seems to have everything? You give him something everyone doesn’t have. Discover Jean Lorent.


Jean Lorent started making men’s bow tie when trying to create a hair bow for herself. From that one piece, many more have come to be. The ties come in various colors and leathers. Each tie she creates is done by hand so each one will have its own unique identity, similar to a fingerprint.

leather ties by Jean Lorent
courtesy of Instagram

The bow tie, like all items has a starting point. With the temple for the bow tie established, they have to be created into the actual tie the customer will purchase. Leather is used for the ties. Yes, this is a unique choice, but it works.

exotic ties
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The full grained leathers are high quality and produced in the United States. When asked why the leathers were sourced in the states Lorent stated that she wanted to support the economy and ensure that top quality leathers are used. When she is not using cowhide leather, the ties are made with snake skin or crocodile. Each type of leather requires a high skill set to create the bow ties perfectly.

croc tie by Jean Lorent
courtesy of Instagram

Once the leather is selected, the bow ties are cut and created. The time of completion for one bow ties takes a few hours. Each tie is down by hand with a team of around three to six artisans in the Louisiana studio.

Jean Lorent
Jean Lorent

In addition to creating the leather bow ties, Jean Lorent also makes leather suspenders and bags. The same amount of care and quality are placed into those items as well. With business taking off, due to customer’s love of handcrafted leather goods, more items are to come. These simple, classic designs are sure to make you a permanent fan of Jean Lorent.

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