Disney Goes High Fashion

According to a post on Huffington Post, one of Disney’s artist tries a different route when recreating Disney Princess styles, the Huffington Post states “they often just modernize the standard princess dresses, mixing nostalgia with contemporary tastes.” Now they’re adding more spice and glam to their disney princesses, and by more spice I mean a lot.

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Disney Artist, Sashiiko Anti designed looks for several iconic Disney Princesses that were inspired by runway and haute couture fashion. The characters Anti recreated are a wide range from Cinderella all that way to Tatiana from Princesses and the Frog. Sashiiko was going for something different, fun, and fashion forward when designing, and that is exactly what she created.  “I just wanted to try something new and design totally new looks for characters loved by so many people. It’s a real challenge and a lot of fun in the same time. Plus I really enjoyed watching all the movies for the second time, or third … or fourth,” Sashiiko Anti states.

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I absolutely love the designs she created and I’m crossing my fingers that Disney considers using these for a possible Disney Princesses Meet 21st Century movie. It’s a suggestion that I feel all would be excited to see, or maybe even using these designs when creating the costumes for Disney plays. Either way these designs do not need to be wasted and must be used in some way. Check out more of the designs below and tell us what you think.

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