Disney News! Get Ready for a Magnificent Maleficent Sequel!

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Disney definitely scored a major hit with its live action rendition of Sleeping Beauty in MaleficentIn fact the film was so successful that the company has decided to release a sequel! Yep, you heard right, everyone’s favorite dark fairy will be returning to theaters soon! Disney has rehired the original writer of the previous film, Linda Woolverton to pen the sequel and has hopes Angelina Jolie will reprise her role as the Mistress of Darkness. Angelina has yet to discuss deals with the studio, but things look promising. Additionally, there has been no mention of Elle Fanning reprising her role of Princess Aurora.


One has to wonder what the sequel will about and who the new villain will be. As you recall, in the first film the villain turned out to be Princess Aurora’s father, King Stefan. Pitting Maleficent against another magical powerhouse threatening the land of The Moors. Maleficent regained her wings, so some head to head sky battles would be awesome too. Let’s just be glad we will be seeing more of our favorite characters! There is no tentative date for a release for the sequel, but we will keep you posted!


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