Ditch or Dare: Summer Denim Trends for Men

Ditch or Dare: Summer Denim Trends for Men

Tamara McKenzie


No need to rid yourself of your distressed denim anytime soon, but this summer, there are new options on the block. Will you stick to your traditional look or dare to step out of the box? Denim is such a functional part of the male wardrobe. It can be worn year round and dressed up or down.

Before exploring ways to update your denim, let’s talk about what styles should be ditched.Take a close examination of your closet. If you still have baggy denim in rotation, it is time to ditch it.

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One of the most important considerations is finding denim that works for your physique and let’s face it, baggy works for no one. I know you may have had a good run with this style, but it’s time to lay it to rest.

On the contrary, skinny jeans aren’t for everyone and hopefully one day soon, it will be a fad of the past.

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One trend that is worth exploring is double denim, but proceed with caution. Double denim is a duo that can gain you major style points or result in an epic fail. To tackle this trend, try pairing straight fit dark denim jeans with a blue denim shirt.

This creates a stylish contrast that comes off as sophisticated and effortless. Make sure that both denims are visibly different. If you are pairing similar washes, add contrast by wearing a white or grey t-shirt underneath.

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Up next, we have white denim. The secret to pulling off this look is seeking an off white shade rather than stark white. The fit shouldn’t be too skinny or wide, as it will leave you looking less than stellar.

White jeans can absolutely be incorporated into your 9-5 wardrobe. They are dressy and layer effortlessly with polos, blazers, and other staples in your work wardrobe. When considering white denim for the office, make sure they are crisp and free of rips.

The best part of white denim at work is that they are more comfortable than trousers and transition well to happy hour. Will these style tips be a ditch or dare for your summer wardrobe? These are subtle updates that can make a big difference if you are game.

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