Dizzee Rascal wont be a “good little n*gger” for BBC’s Radio 1

Does the UK have its own Kanye West? I think we just might have, and his name is Dizzee Rascal. The UK rapper (who scooped the BET Award for Best International Act back in 2010) went on a Twitter rant worthy of Yeezy “the God”, aimed at BBC’s Radio 1 after his new single “Love This Town” could not get played on the popular urban station.






Dizzee wrapped up his epic tirade with:

When Americans get played in on radio1 they make allowances for profanity but if it’s coming from the nigger down the road it’s a problem!


Uh Oh. This can’t end well for poor, frustrated Dizzee Rascal. Hopefully, others wont follow suit.





By: Ayara Pommells