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DJ Duffey, whether it’s on the show Basketball Wives LA, spinning tracks at night clubs throughout Dallas one can’t seem to get enough of DJ Duffey.

DJ Duffey is one of the most sought after female Deejays. Maybe it’s her chill personality, her dope DJ skills, and her smile. Whatever it is, one thing is for certain you want DJ Duffey, and she knows it.

Some may know her as DJ Duffey, but in a recent interview, she revealed that she is so much more. That’s right, what some may not know is that’s she’s really just Latosha. Latosha, a proud mom, a good friend, and a down to earth girl from Texas whose taking charge of her career.

Check out some of the questions below and get to know DJ Duffey a little better.

DJ Duffey
DJ Duffey

How did you start Djing? My senior year of college at the University of Texas at Arlington I met people in the industry.

At what point did you realize you were born to do something bigger than yourself or that you were living beneath your potential?

While working at Enterprise car rental I felt unhappy. I looked for something I enjoyed, I knew I enjoyed clubbing and I knew I had responsibility. So I considered promoting and Djing. I then discovered what equipment I needed and once I got the equipment I practiced for hours on end.

Did you always know that you were going to be a DJ? No, I never thought of it before, but I believe God gave it to me.

Aside from the image of you on TV and social media who is Dj Duffey? What is something no one knows about the real you? DJ Duffey is laid back and cool. Despite the image of being the life of the party deep down, I’m really just Latosha a devoted mom, and that’s completely different from Dj Duffey.

As women, we face many challenges on the road to success. I read that when you were coming up in Dallas there were no female DJ’s, but you looked at the men and you were determined to come for their spot. What was that like for you? I’m a fearless and competitive person. Despite it being a male dominated industry I wasn’t intimidated. I knew that the only thing that made me different from them was my gender. My mindset was I’m coming for your spot so move over so I can get a job.

You yourself saw an obstacle, but you overcame that obstacle. So what advice would you give someone trying to rise above what seems to be an obstacle? Stay true to you and do what you love because if you don’t you will not give a 100%. You must also be original and stand out. Don’t be boring and figure out what sets you apart from others. Duffey also credited her drive to her father.

What advice would you give to your younger self? Just Say no. (laughing) I mean don’t sell yourself short. Be confident in your abilities and perfect your craft. You won’t get respect or the pay you want if your skills don’t match.

You are known as one of the controversial members of Basketball Wives. What is one thing that we didn’t about you or the ladies on the show? (With the Tammy situation) She and I discussed me being fired before the scene. I said that in the scene I wouldn’t be happy about it. Tammy’s male friend said he would go in on me and I knew that could make the scene go left. So I walked away from the conversation guarded, I contemplated what to do, and I felt the need to stand up for myself. In the scene, Brandy stood by outside listening through the phone and as I walked in I saw Tammy with her shoes off. It was in that moment that I knew I had to stand up for herself.

There is something special about women supporting each other and coming together for a good cause because we can do more together than we can apart. What power moves are you working or causes are you in support of with any women in the industry? I support Amber Rose SlutWalk. Amber and I hit it off when we met at a club in Dallas where I was Djing and that night Amber gave a women empowerment speech. She told me that she wanted me to DJ at the walk and when we walked the streets of L.A we had only been friends for a few months. Going into the walk I knew that people would judge her, that hey wouldn’t understand us, and the movement. Last year the movement gained much more support and I’m happy to continue DJing at the walk in the future.

Despite the controversial name, people don’t know that the name was used to shine a light on an issue. She explained the story behind the name stating that “A police officer in Toronto told a woman she should avoid dressing like a slut to avoid getting raped.”

Duffey said that “If the movement were named anything else like a bully walk it wouldn’t matter… and with this name it doesn’t matter your background because it will get your attention. The movement made an impact and a lot of positive things came out of it. The women who were victims of sexual assault were provided with counseling, testing services, etc.”

She even stated with such passion that “The women in this movement demand their respect and refuse to be judged based on how they look.”

DJ Duffey Blac Chyna Birthday Celebration
DJ Duffey Blac Chyna Birthday Celebration

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Well, I’m a Dj, a Radio Personality, I direct music videos, I’m a photographer and a rapper. I refuse to limit myself and I believe my life can go in any direction. I definitely want to use my talents and knowledge to help other people be better in some of these industries.

What is some good advice about building your brand? Social media should tell who you are and what you offer within the first 10 seconds of someone going to your social media account. You must get the attention of your audience and remember less is more. The shorter you can get a message across the better. Lastly, educate yourself, figure out where your business lacking, study and improve.

I concluded the interview with a series of random questions that she answered using as few words as possible.

Fun Facts

Your greatest accomplishment? Being a mother

One song you listen to every day? Unforgettable by French Montana

At any or every event you’re playing this song? Public Service Announcement by Jay-Z

Prince or Michael Jackson? Michael Jackson (Laughing she added “My son thinks he is still alive.”)

Favorite food? Crab legs.

You never leave the house without? My black Chanel Boy Bag.

Best feature? My smile because I’m a very happy person.

The peak of your career? DJing at a pool party at Drake’s house in LA. Everyone was there Blac Chyna, The Game, Kanye, Travis Scott, and French Montana.

The pit of your career? (Laughing) Being on the balcony dodging Tammy. 

What can we expect from you next? Stay tuned for music from me this Summer. I’m currently working on music and my new single is coming out in EP.

DJ Duffey
DJ Duffey


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