Do Brands Matter?

Gap, Bebe, Prada, Chanel, Apple…these are all prevalent brands that for some people have a deep-seeded meaning. Understandably, spending $3K on a classic Chanel bag would have me feeling a “certain type of away” too! However, I have been thinking…in this age of individualism, of constant innovation. Do brands really matter?


It seems to me that every couple of weeks there is a major collaboration between a designer brand and a mid-tier retailer. Does branding have a certain level of fluidity? That you can offer your luxury brand at an affordable price, yet  your customer still  some how makes them feel affiliated to the brand.


Lately, to me it seems that the meaning of clothing brands have been so watered down by constant sales, flash-sites that offer major discounts on luxury goods and the lack of diversity of product design. Seemingly we are swirling in a soup of sameness and sales that make it difficult as a consumer to decipher. What is in a brand name? Personally, I no longer shop to be associated with a certain brand, rather I look for a unique design, value and quality. So I ask my Kontrol readers, are you loyal to a particular brand?


Michelle Gill

Fashion & Beauty Writer

Admirer of beauty, collector of knowledge, sometimes food snob and fashion zealot.