Does Gender Have A Smell?

Everyone wants to be clean, but does gender have a smell?

As the hands of time keep moving forward, so does the mind of people. Gone are the days of “tradition”, in the sense of restrictive and closed minds, when it comes to life today. We no longer live life based upon gender norms placed upon us through society. Still, one must wonder: does gender have a smell?


We were taught that boys play with trucks and girls with dolls and cooking stations that produce dry, not-so-good goods. Basically, early training for fitting into society. Another area of early “training” came with aspects of grooming. Ladies wear makeup and perfume, while the gentlemen do not wear cosmetics and use cologne. When shopping for the smell du jour, it was separated based upon gender. Even if there was a scent that you were fond of, you were not supposed to buy it if it was not in your designated section.

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The Shift…

One of the first companies known to create a mass produced fragrance that could be shared by men and women was Calvin Klein. The new, clean and fresh unisex scent is CK One. This was revolutionary, in terms of a largely produced scent because it could be placed into both sections in the areas of fragrances. A pretty bold move in the 90s.

CK One


Today, there are niche brands, which create new scents that do not have the traditional gender labels. Granted, niche fragrances can be for a fragrance lover, due to prices sometimes, but they move completely away from traditional scents and marketing.

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Selecting a fragrance is a personal thing to do. When there is no gender assigned to a bottle of fragrance, anyone in love with the scent will buy it. It’s fair to say many people, both men and women, may have come across a scent they really enjoy, but because it was subject to traditional marketing, they did not purchase.

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So, the question asked earlier was does gender have a smell? The answer is no. When it comes to picking a fragrance, use your nose. The focus should be on the notes and the concentration of the fragrance. To refer back to the beginning, cologne has nothing to do with gender, but the amount of alcohol used to dilute the perfume extract. Buy what you like because when you receive a compliment, no one is cares about gender.

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